We’ve always been taught to think of conservation as inherently good. But what if we told you that the majority of conservation going on today is actually doing more harm than good? 

Join us as we learn about conservation’s brutal past and unlearn the colonialist ways of looking at conservation that are still used today. Spreading the truth about WWF’s covert abuses and the darkside of conservation is one of the core aims of this campaign and so we’ve set up a two step process to understanding what’s going on and taking action against it.  

WORKSHOP 1 – The Informative One

This is essentially a big talk with colourful slides we do over zoom with 10+ interested people. We cover the topic from multiple angles, everything from the colonial history of conservation to current neo-colonial practices and greenwashing plushie pandas. This workshop will give you the opportunity to reflect on and discuss the topic with the other participants, share your own experience and thoughts and meet people with a similar passion or curiosity for climate and social justice. 

WORKSHOP 2 – The Action Brewing One 

Once you’ve been to the first workshop you can email us again and we’ll set up a smaller zoom between us and you to get to know you better and see how we can collaborate! Essentially how can our campaign support you to take action in the most effectve way? Or if you’re here as a member of an organisation, how can our two organisations join forces to further each other’s reach, support each other’s work and take action together? Following this we’ll send you the official Action Pack which has all the resources one might need to spread the truth and hold WWF to account wherever they are! 

To contact us about workshops / if you have any questions, contact: and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.