We're mobilising to pressure WWF

and the fortress conservation industry to stop appropriating communities' lands in the name of conservation, and we need you!

We are not asking you to fight for someone else, far away. We are asking you to fight for your own survival, which depends on Indigenous and local community’s land rights (including our own), on our ability to take care of the land, and to teach everyone else how to do so. We are asking you to stop the harm that is created by this system that privileges most people in the Global North, that many of us are born in and inherited, and that therefore we have a responsibility to transform. Actively confronting our complicity, and the discomfort that comes with it, is the first step to cultivate responsibility and redeploy some of those privileges at the service of frontline communities. We are also asking you to fight for your own land in the Global North, that has been taken away from us so long ago that we do not even remember we ever lived in connection with it.

This story of elites separating communities from the land began even before colonialism, in Europe, with the enclosures, when the aristocracy and capitalist class violently removed communities from the land in order to profit from it: it was a forgotten social catastrophe. The great land grab started here and then moved to the Global South. In Africa as in Europe, as in most of the world, people’s land has been taken away by elites for profit, and as a result is being destroyed, threatening the survival of humanity. It is time to come together and reclaim our LAND BACK, so that we can regenerate it together.

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Easy 2-step process to cancel your WWF subscription and redirect your money to Indigenous and community led conservation

We have lots of media content explaining the situationso if you're able to share on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter then get involved!

Join the boycott against the Safari Industry causing the evictions of Indigenous Maasai in Tanzania, East Afrika.

Bring the Decolonising Conservation talk to your community.

We want every action we take to be based on learning, and our education to lead to action,

so please as a first step do learn about the issues of colonial conservation by clicking above, or for further reading click here for an extensive reading list on decolonising conservation!

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