Join the boycott of the Safari industry responsible for the ongoing evicton of 167,000 Indigenous Maasai

The government of Tanzania is evicting the Maasai purely because of tourism revenue: if we threaten it, they will have to back down. Please sign and share this boycott on social media, telling your friends and family why you decided to join.

“We appreciate those whose care for the world has led them to support the so-called ‘conservation’ organisations. We appreciate your care but not your actions. We ask you to refuse to work for or support such organisations unless they change completely in action not just in words, which means no longer pretending to include us in their projects, but returning our lands, committing to reparations for past and present harms, and supporting – not destroying – our care.

We ask you to learn to care for where you are, and to support us, including by recognising how the powerful use your care to wield power over and against us, against you, and against our shared world. ”

-  People to People Declaration at Laboot of the East Africa Assemblies

- Draft Indigenous Peoples of East Africa Declaration on ‘Conservation’

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