Do you want to learn more about the harm of fortress conservation, the underlying causes of its issues and the solution to have an effective and just conservation?

Spreading the truth about WWF’s covert abuses and the dark side of conservation is one of the core aims of this campaign and so we’ve set up a two step process to understanding what’s going on and taking action against it. Join our regular talks and get involved in the ACTION BUILDING workshop!

Part 1


(The Informative One)

This is essentially a big online talk with colourful slides we do in partnership with @XRYouthSolidarity.

In this we explore the lived experiences of indigenous and local communities impacted by WWF and neo-colonial conservation; the root causes of these issues; its brutal and racist history of white supremacist colonialist settlers violently displacing and murdering Indigenous people; the worldviews that shaped it (the separation of humans and nature); and conservation becoming more entangled with capitalism and big corporations. Finally we will consider the lessons of community-led conservation to see how we can learn to live in harmony with the rest of the ecosystem.

Part 2


(The Action Brewing One)

After the talk has given you the information about how destructive fortress conservation is, the Workshop is all about giving you the tools to join the campaign network and get involved – we’ll go through the plan for WTF WWF, our demands, theory of change and more – before exploring exactly how you want to link into the work! It’ll be a chance to meet some others joining the network and introduce us to your work or organisation – its the gateway to the campaign so jump on the next talk and we’ll see you after to get moving! Note that if you/your group are already involved in Decolonising Conservation work and don’t have time for the talk, email our network team @WTFWWFNetSupport@protonmail.con and we’ll get talking!

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