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Indigenous, community-led conservation work. (DEFUND your WWF subscription too!)

Through this campaign we aim to join the ongoing local and global efforts to challenge WWF colonial conservation practices and of the conservation sector as a whole. But this campaign isn’t only to highlight the problem- we want to highlight the solution too. This is why in this process we are committed to amplifying the local-led and transnationally supported initiatives that center community-led conservation. The future is community-led conservation.

Will you join in the movement?

Joining this journey involves challenging the privilege of white western environmentalism and its complicity in preserving eco-fascist responses to the twin crises of climate change and inequality which do not have successful ecological outcomes and are rooted in violence.

Our collaborations with frontline communities are informed by a comprehensive understanding of our partners’ local reality and on the respect of their diversity, autonomy and difference in identity, strategy and priorities.

This work is based on our partners’ leadership and on their clear guidance and consent.

Through our platforms and our day-to-day organizing we will share some of our partners’ stories and updates.

Below you will find more information on their work and ways you can support it!

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