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We are a group of young activists working together to challenge the hegemony of white western climate activism and push for true transformative justice-based change in this time of worsening crisis.

Our work revolves around connecting with and learning from the ongoing resistance of indigenous and local community frontline Global South and diaspora communities, centering our solidarity in the relationships we build with them.

Through this campaign we hope to build a global network of individuals and groups committed to challenge WWF colonial conservation and of similar organizations, while advocating for community-led conservation and indigenous land rights.

Why WWF?

Aren’t they the good guys?


1. SHAPING PUBLIC DEBATE: to change the public perception of WWF and the conservation industry as beyond moral question; “raise consciousness of the colonial conservation models”  and platform Indigenous and community-led conservation as the solution to biodiversity preservation.

2. To support the advocacy work of our partner organisations in pressuring the WWF, by threatening their public image and funding, to shift its conservation model by utilizing its resources to support Indigenous land rights, culture and conservation, rather than spending them on militarized fortress conservation. The conservation they fund and do should be Indigenous-led. It is not enough to involve local indigenous communities, the locals must lead and the WWF must support and where needed faciliate.

3. Pressure WWF to end all ties with socailly and environmentally destructive companies and end all support for the militarized security forces managing “protected” areas across the world.

4. Promote a strong narrative and relationship of solidarity between the emergent youth climate movements of the Global North and these frontline communities of resistance in the Global South – fostering 2-way dialogue, learning and action – “raising consciousness on the positive ways indigenous and frontline communities protect their environments”


1- STOP THE HARM: Immediately stop dispossessing indigenous and local communities of their land. Cease any collaboration or support to organisations that evict local communities.

3BE ACCOUNTABLE: Be accountable by giving control of project funding to local communities, through their own democratic/collective processes. Be transparent through systems of direct people-to-people communication, such as people’s assemblies, between local communities and your supporters.

2- GROUND CONSERVATION IN JUSTICE: Transition all your fortress conservation projects to the support of genuine indigenous-led and community-led conservation. Projects must actively advocate and be based upon: recognising land rights, local knowledge, local livelihoods, and social justice. Use your platform and financial leverage to advocate these changes across the whole conservation sector.

4- END TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS: Stop the conflict of interests with those destroying ecosystems: cut financial links with large corporations; fire board members from polluting industries; use your platform to mobilize people to take action and demand an end to corporate ecocide.