ZWWF Abuses

Africa: The Baka People

Armed ecoguards funded by WWF ‘beat up Congo tribespeople’

“The allegations, reported to the UN last year, included Baka tribespeople being beaten by the ecoguards, the criminalisation and illegal imprisonment of Baka men, summary evictions from the forest, the burning and destruction of property, and the confiscation of food.“

The Guardian, 7 Feb 2020

WWF is complicit in human rights abuses and illegal land theft

“National and international law, not to mention WWF’s own policy, state that tribal peoples must be consulted and their free, prior and informed consent obtained for any project undertaken on their land. Regardless of whatever WWF’s claims are about this, all the Baka I’ve met have a clear opinion: “They never asked for our opinion, they just gave us an order: ‘this is the park and you won’t be allowed to enter.’”

Survival International, 9 November 2018

Complaint abandoned, but systematic human rights violations continue for indigenous Baka communities in Cameroon

“Too often international conservation actors have shown by their conduct that they are prepared to accept the “cost” of human rights violations against indigenous peoples, provided that their access to governments to achieve their conservation aims is protected.”

Forest Peoples Programme, 30 January 2018

India: Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga: The park that shoots people to protect rhinos

“Kaziranga is densely populated, like the rest of India. Many of the communities here are tribal groups that have lived in or alongside the forest for centuries, collecting firewood as well as herbs and other plants from it. They say increasing numbers of innocent villagers are being shot.”

BBC News, 10 February 2017

Indian, African women living near national parks being sterilised, claims Dutch expose

“An in-depth investigation by Zembla, the Netherlands’ investigative TV series, has revealed that women are being sterilised and shoot-at-sight orders are being executed in and around protected areas in India and Africa. According to the report, leading conservation group — World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) — was giving its tacit support to these activities.”

Down To Earth, 17 May 2019